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Couples Therapy | mollysalans.com
I will help you to be more peaceful with life struggles and help you create less stressful and more harmonious relationships.


Couples Therapy

February 2nd, 2008 . by molly

When you, as a couple,  are having difficulties, it can mean that the communication process between the two of you has broken down.  Perhaps something has happened in which the trust has been compromised. Without trust a relationship is burdened by blame and arguments. It is, indeed, a trying time, and a very difficult process. Therfore I hold the principles of wholenss in mind while I listen carefully to each of you and watch the interactions between you.The principal of wholeness states that there is something in each of us that has never been broken. This place is vibrant and alive within us and looks down on our brokeness as precious or holy. I don’t bring judgement to the situation, rather I listen to each of you, seeing your vibrancy even through the anxiety and blame.  I watch the interactions between you, and work with the present dynamics, keeping in mind that relaionship is always about a willingness to compromise. Through conversation, exploration and questions I try to gently lead each of you to a common ground from which to rebuild trust and love. You will most likely walk away from these sessions with a more realistic perspective and feeling more peaceful and willing to create more harmony within yourself and with your partner.  In couples work I can offer, Family Constellation Work, and guided meditations. See Also: Family Constellation Work