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2008 January | mollysalans.com
I will help you to be more peaceful with life struggles and help you create less stressful and more harmonious relationships.


Integrated Kabalistic Healing

January 27th, 2008 . by molly

The waterwheel accepts water

turns and gives it away weeping

that way it stays in the garden

Whereas another roundness rolls on

through a dry riverbed looking

for what it thinks it wants

Stay here quivering with each moment

like a drop of mercury


Within the ideas of Kabalistic healing is the understanding that there is a place of wholeness that exists vibrantly within each of us. This place has never been broken, and receives our brokennesss as Holy. When we are out of relationship with ourselves, and we believe that our suffering is our only reality, then this suffering creates more suffering. We then travel down the dry riverbed looking desperately for what we want, and our actions tend to be those that take us more and more out of ourselves, creating yet more disconnection and brokenness. Paradoxically, suffering itself can lead us back to wholeness.

A healing session consists of about forty minutes of conversation and then a twenty minute process for the healing. During the session Molly Holds this principal of wholeness and chooses one of many Kabalistic Healings to give you. After a healing you will feel relaxed and during the week, at some point your body will register it’s had a healing and will come back into balance. When this happens, you will most likely notice some changes in your energy and the way you handle frustrating situations.

Molly cleaves to the principle of wholeness in all of her sessions, regardless of whether you receive a hands-on-healing or not.

She also offers classes on the Kaballah.

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Individual Therapy 

family constellation work

January 27th, 2008 . by molly

Our relationship with our family of origin impacts our relationships with family, friends, healh,, work, money, and more.  Constellation work is a healing approach that allows one to witness and step into an old relationship in order to see it with new eyes.

            Are you stuck in the same habits and patterns, and can’t seem to get out from under no mater how many intentions you make?  It’s likely that these habits and patterns have their beginnings in your intergenerational past. 

If you have ever held an infant in your arms, or watched children three and younger play, you understand that these youngsters are filled with love. This love leads children, unconsciously, to agree to engage in negative patterns, out of their loving and loyal natures.

            We are all born this way.  We are so filled with love and loyalty for family that we, as babies, took on all the good and the bad in order to stay connected to our family of origin. Similarly, our parents loved their family so much that they took on these negative patterns from their parents. And their parents took on the same patterns from their family and so on down the line.  And so the patterns are passed down from one generation to the next, until one member of the family decides to change the pattern.

            A constellation taps into the energy field of the family, revealing these unwanted patterns that were created out of love and loyalty. Using figurines, you, the client, present an issue to Molly, and as you together enter the family energy field , the resolutions are found, and the negative feelings are softened.   By acknowledging what is, both the good and the bad, you are held in the healing field of the constellation.  As a probable result, you will see your family members with new eyes and experience more freedom and love both with loved ones and within yourself.

            Molly Salans is a licensed social worker and family therapist.  In addition to doing constellation work, she provides Kabbalistic Healings, meditations, spiritual guidance, art/play/poetry/writing/storytelling therapy and  more. She works with children, teens, adults, couples and families.  She has been practicing for twenty years, and is the founder of Healing Connections at Karendyth Holistic Center in Westford Ma. She is also the author of Storytelling With Children in Crisis.